Ban appeal good_days13

Byond Account: Good_Days13
Character Name: Ryder Perkins
Discord Name: Good_Days13#8153
Round ID of Ban: 11643
All I really did was enter ai sat cause I had access. I wasn’t going to do anything in there. Me saying “ai bad” is just a bit I’ve been doing for many rounds now, hating on the ai and saying I’m better than it for no reason.

maybe next time wait until round is over

i cant know when the round is over if im banned

you can check on discord

I don’t feel like waiting on a random thing to post a ban appeal

Its almost amazing you logged in 3min before your last ban expired tried to log in 6 times got in after it expired and got banned within 15min of being in the round going though the logs on this not only where you calling the ai bad then just happened to go into the ai sat “just to say hi” after you knew it was malf but also broke the rules about sexual content again this is staying. We genuinely like you as a player but we are MRP and upholding a standard of that is very important.

TLDR: Denied

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weak. AI can jump across the station, can open doors and control a legion of minions. what can you do fleshling?

you have a lot of shit on your account regarding bad behavior. you haven’t even been here that long…
On top of this you created a different forum account to bypass your suspension, you sent over a dozen PMs to staff, your RP is dogshit (Oh i’m super cool and better than everyone for no reason)

this appeal is mega denied. i’m considering permabanning you because it does not seem like ss13 is good for your mental health.