Ban appeal GoodDays

Byond Account: Good_Days13
Character Name(s): Ryder Perkins
Discord Name: Good_Days13
Round ID of Ban: 11951

I was insulting the CE a lot, they weren’t really real insults that would hurt. i was just messing around. I also wasn’t just targeting the CE, I was messing around and saying I’m better than everyone. I guess my character is a big narcissist, saying they’re better than everyone. I’ve been doing this the past few rounds. I didn’t know this was against the rules and counted as metagrudging. I’ll stop if I get unbanned. This feels like a really minor thing, i dont wanna be banned for a whole month for something like this that i didnt know was bad. i have read the rules incase it looks like i haven’t. please, i dont wanna be banned again.

honestly, he coulda just told me to stop and i woulda, instead of banning me

at least this time i managed to stay for a whole day before getting fuckin banned again for a random thing

this is actually getting fucking annoying and makes me feel like u guys just wanna find any reason u can to get rid of me.

If it was the only thing you did you’d probably only get a warning, but it all stacks up until it leads to an eventual ban.

You seem like a decent bloke but constantly naffing around has consequences.

So i decided to be extra thorough for this ban appeal since you mentioned that we’re targeting you and went ahead and looked at multiple rounds that day.
On the round in question you stated in your own words:

In 2 rounds that day alone you consistently harassed the CE with radio and PDA messages like so
Round 11951:

Round 11948:

In both rounds i don’t see them responding to your messages as they probably were fed up by then. They also state that it happened in more than those 2 rounds but i stopped seeing you online at around 11941 so i stopped looking further back. On the rounds you played between 11941 and 11951 i saw a lot of stupid behavior including greytiding, ban baiting and being a general dick to people such as the head of security for one round, 2 rounds of calling the AI names and a round where you were stun arming a guy for disliking your character as a hacked borg instead of going and doing your job as a borg. In conclussion i don’t see any evidence of people targeting you or making things up just to get you specifically banned. I’m sure if you improve your behavior you’ll be welcome to continue playing on fulp in a month when your ban runs out but until then I’d recommend taking some time to really read the rules which you can find here: Server Rules | Fulpstation Wiki