Ban Appeal - GooglyFox

Byond Account: GooglyFox
Character Name(s): Opportunity Moth, Dr. Malfaren, Kenny Dimitri, Vinny Callahan.
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Dutchy#4523
Round ID of Ban: 18979

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
"Not even two hours after you got warned to change your name I had to ask you again but as soon as I asked you, you got very hostile to me because something wasn’t how you wanted it. Take some time to cool off. "

State your appeal:
At the time, I was dealing with a very pushy Acting CMO. They transferred to it, and was wearing CMO clothes, and didn’t listen to what I had to say about the rules. Yes, I didn’t change my name to something more appropriate, but 3 days for being frustrated towards someone who pushed the chemists out of chemistry to do the vaccine himself. That’s not what a CMO is supposed to do, let them do their job. Anyways, my appeal for this is that I was in a bad mood, and I don’t think 3 days is really fair for a emotion showing.

The CMO breaking the rules is not relevant to the ban. You weren’t banned over anything to do with the CMO. If you feel another player is breaking the rules, you need to ahelp it separately from whatever issue the staff is currently talking to you about.

If you read the ban message, your ban is about how you were a complete ass to the mod who politely asked you to change your name to something more RP-friendly.

You then went on to say “Are you not working right?” and “I’m not in the mood (to be talked to about my rule-breaking behavior)” when the mod asked you about this. If you think you being in a bad mood is an acceptable excuse for being shitty to our volunteer staff, then this isn’t the community for you because we don’t tolerate this here. If this happens again, anticipate a perma ban.