Ban Appeal / GooglyFox

Byond Account: GooglyFox
Character Name: Dr.Malfaren.
Discord Name: Dutchy#4523.
Round ID of Ban: 19031.
Ban Message: As the CMO, you asked for security access from the captain, and claimed you were acting HoS in ahelps. The captain did not appoint you as acting HoS, nor were you expected to abandon your duties as CMO to hunt antags, which you ended up doing in science. Please read the rules at

State your appeal:
I genuinely never lied about anything I said, the Captain never said no to me getting Security access until more security showed up. I didn’t even abandon my duties, as I spent a ton of time in the Medbay, but the other doctors usually had everything under control. I didn’t hunt antagonists, the only time I had anything to do with an antagonist was Lynch, a Traitor. I saw them stuck in Mechbay, and reported it. I asked the Captain to do something about it, and then they called me validhunting, even though I didn’t do anything. I was picking up a dead Security Officer, to bring to medbay, and that’s when they said validhunting. I then brought the guy to the Medbay. I did say I was acting as HoS, BECAUSE there was no security. I was putting some of my stuff away since there was at least 2 officers. I never did the job of security, and I was still doing the job of the CMO. Then the admin said “This is a temporary ban, because you lied in ahelp.”, I didn’t lie. I never, did, and he somehow thought I did. I told the truth of what I genuinely knew. I don’t know what he thought I lied about. But I didn’t break any rules, at least from my knowledge. I didn’t do security’s job. I stayed doing CMO crap, and I did ask the Captain for it. They didn’t say no, or yes, they just said ask the HoP. For access, so I did. I might have called myself Acting HoS, but I didn’t really mean to act like Security. I guess I just want to say sorry for my actions. And I just want to play again, as I just got back from a ban that starved me for this server.

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Good afternoon. I never approved nor denied you to becoming acting Head of Security, because you never asked. Asking for security access is different then asking to become an acting head. You also did not tell me that you decided you were acting Head of Security either. Here are screenshots of chat logs that are in chronological order.

In this second image the RD says that they have a bug in the office. You are not part of security, there was no reason for you to take it upon yourself to deal with it.

Further proof that made me believe you were validhunting.


I guess I’ll take it then. I’m sorry for doing it.

I don’t believe you at all. You get sec access then immediately start abusing this to declare yourself “supervisor” of security. This is already a violation of the Non-Antag Command Roleplay standard 5.2) which states the appointed acting head must be from that department. You then decide to abandon your own department to investigate a traitor bug in research for 15 minutes. This is a direct contradiction of your statements above, but also another roleplay standards violation. The entire time you had full sec gear, which is definitely powergaming, considering you are NOT established acting HoS. You also lied in the ahelp, as established in the ban in the first place. The only time I see you doing anything related to medical is when you were getting healed from the injuries you got while validhunting.

Normally, I could excuse missing one of the more obscure roleplay standards, but command players should be familiar with them. At the very least, they shouldn’t be violating several in the same incident in conjunction with core rule violations and lying in ahelps. However, I’ll do you a favor. Since you seem to hate our community, I’ll go ahead and extend this ban to a perma for you. You’re welcome.