Ban Appeal: Greifing mime and battery dying

Byond Account: Malaverd
Character Name(s): Fabian Fabulous
Discord Name (ie: JUKEMASTER44#6284):
Round ID of Ban: 20618

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): encouraged other crew member to grief. You had a mime fight a random for an injector and when asked why youre trying to get people to greif disconnected from the server not responding to the ticket.
State your appeal: For the mime, I was trying to convert him to a blood cultist. I do not have much experience as one so I was failing alot. I kept luring him to the maints with the promise of super. After failing twice I had to get a power, so I got one but there was someone in the maint. I tried ot get the mime to scare him off but he ended up running after him. About me not responding and disconnecting, I play on laptop, my laptop died then updated twice. Bad timing for me as my reasoning for the mime griefing may have prevented the ban