Ban Appeal - Grobelon

  • Byond Account: Grobelon
  • Character Name(s): Rick Hick
  • Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): dr tommy MD#4133
  • Round ID of Ban: 9567
  • Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
  • State your appeal: After about an hour and a half round were I was spectating for most of it I got the ghost antag role of infiltrator about 5 minutes before the shuttle came. I knew I could’ve gone to the console and stopped shuttle to go do objectives but I didn’t because time dilation was super high and everyone was feeling pretty burnt out. I wasn’t really sure what to do, and it was two AM at the time, so I made the dumb decision of putting a syndicate bomb at departures which violates needless killing as an infiltrator without glorious or hijack objectives. I got bwoinked by Tom F Hardy about it and we talked, during it I put a slipocalypse nade on the shuttle. Coincidentally, someone mustve used a potassium-water nade or some minibomb or some shit because an explosion happened near were I put down the slip nade. I can totally see how he could’ve seen that as me just ignoring him and continuing to violate rule 2 but it really wasn’t, I was just trying to slip people and looked bad. He then told me to that “I was continuing to fuck around for no reason and he was going to ban me for 6 days.” Now, I’m not arguing against the legitimacy of the ban, I violated rule 2 when I put down the syndicate bomb, but 6 days feels like a bit much and also I never bombed the shuttle, its just not true. A ban reduction would be nice in this case.

NOTE: edited to include proper ban appeal format

Appealed and changed to an antag ban for 4 days instead of a server for 6