Ban appeal hazyassaulter

Byond Account:helplesscrane
Character Name(s): chowder asombroso
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): helplesscrane#2444
Round ID of Ban: 25950

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Banned from Roles: Deadchat for 3 days - Round 25950 Was being toxic in dead chat and saying other players sucked at the game, reacted poorly in ahelp when I told him we are a new player friendly server, proceeded to then complain about the ahelp in dead chat. Banned from Roles: OOC for 3 days - Complaining about dead chat ban in OOC chat
State your appeal: I was in Dchat and this guy was complaining about how Revolution sucks, so I said maybe you just suck. Then Hazyassaulter dmed me and saying please don’t be toxic, I was trying to understand what he meant by that cause like what?? So I just said ok lmao and complained about what just conspired in dchat only to be met with a 3-day ban I was like ok whatever so I did the same in ooc after the round. I didn’t drop any names or anything just said I got muted for 3 days for saying someone sucked. BAM. Another 3 day ban for ooc. I feel this is totally unjust and unfair.

Looking at the logs, this is 100% deserved. If it happens again, it will be a perma dchat ban. This is denied.