Ban Appeal - Head ban

Byond Account: GrimzLex 
Character Name: Cadan Arbor
Discord Name: Not using it right now
Round ID of Ban: Round 11891
Ban Message: Banned from Roles: Captain, Head of Personnel, Head of Security, Chief Engineer, Research Director, Chief Medical Officer for 3 days - Command 1.1 As the CE, you dusted yourself into the SM. If you don't want to be antag or command, you need to ahelp, not SM suicide. Round 11891.

State your appeal: It was my first time playing as something new as heretic, it was quite fun to learn something new. I even asked mentors how to sacrifice a person which i did, but it’s not about that. I got banned because some crab who referred himself as evil crab, was dragging Supermatter Sliver on the pillar who wanted out of engineering. Wanting to help him out i was going to let him out, but the crab pushed the Supermatter Sliver and i died. It was not my intent to die and please stop making precisions on your own behalf. I simply ghosted for 5 minutes got tired and quited. If you cared so much about my death ask me on the spot.

I was the mentor that helped him try to sacrifice and he broke no rules there. Additionally, I watched that crab drag the SM shard in the halls, irradiating everything. I ahelped and the mods didn’t seem to care. I know for a fact that Cadan didn’t intentionally run into the SM and was instead dusted by a crab dragging around the SM shard.

This ban is completely unjust and it should be the crab receiving the ban, not the CE. The crab was the one intentionally irradiating and dusting people in the halls. It also makes no fucking sense for him to ruin his heretic round by running into the SM. I believe there was other regulars that witnessed the CE get dusted (I think Dwight walker).

You were disconnected by the time this was ahelped, but after reviewing the logs for that round, it’s pretty clear that you didn’t intentionally SM suicide as command. The evil kreb is already on a ban for an unrelated incident, but I’ve noted his account and appealed your ban. You should be able to return to playing command roles now.

Thanks for the appeal, and sorry for the oversight on my part.

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