Ban Appeal - Higher_Life

Byond Account: Higher_Life

Character Name(s):Monte E. Wraethen

Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Space Panda {Papi Chulo}#8963

Round ID of Ban:9426

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal:Picked up a reactive stealth armor from R&D and pissed off some scientists that then proceeded to chase me down to medbay storage where they beat me almost to death, I was healed then i got angry and immediately ran up to the scientist that robusted me and blew them up jihad with a chem nade. I let my anger get the best of me and in the heat of the moment I said fuck the rules i wanted revenge. You gotta understand I apologize sincerely and i wanna get back to playing on the server sometime soon without blowing people up who dont deserve it.

This has been a long going issue with you in the past with a very colorful note/ban history with very very few hours on the server I will drop it to a 2 month ban because we feel you can have one more chance but you need some time to cool down and read the rules.

this isnt even all of them youre next ban after this 2 month one will be a perma.