Ban Appeal: Hoolny

Byond Account: Hoolny
Character Name(s): Seth Deces
Discord Name Seþ#2464
Round ID of Ban: #22476

Ban Message

State your appeal:
So I was bored on a round medic nothing interesting happening I went and checked on the ban appeals because those are always fun to read I saw a guy that was banned from the server for saying he didn’t support LGBT I though it was a bit harsh and there must be something else

Which there was as we can see the reason I’m banned I can assure you I wouldn’t have asked if I knew the reason I asked was because I wanted to know what else he did

This is all I saw maybe it was right there in front of me which it wasent I’m still not to sure where he says that but I’ll admit I am not to smart

This is the only thing he has posted on the forum so I’m sure there is no way I would be able to know he said that

Also I feel a bit bad that admins really thing I’m a homophobe which I don’t really know how to make them believe me but I think hemophobia is really god damn stupid you can be whatever gender you want love any one you want and no one has the right to say against that unless their under aged I have no problem with the LGBT community I don’t really interact with it as I don’t with most things I’m bi if that means anything I don’t really like talking about it with most people

I’m just Seth I like ss13 I like fulpstation and I like the people that play fulpstation I feel like some amount of people like me there for what I have talked on OOC after rounds especially on the round I was a wizard blood demon or when I had a healing holo or when I killed a traitor clown and used his PDA to get a healing holo and managed to kill the guy with the captain ID that was fun playing in fulp is fun and I wan’t to keep it fun by being creative and doing wacky stuff with the games mechanic

I’m sorry to admins for being stupid I think I have gotten better and I will keep going better the more I play so please don’t let my journey here end then I have no other ss13 server to call home


If I got 1 credit every time someone gets banned for homophobia and later uses the “But I’m gay/bi” card I could buy a bike at cargo.

You have done nothing but be trouble on the server, this was just the last drop in your bucket. You got in trouble over icky ockying in discord, breaking our rule on sexual content and then DMs the moderation to try and defend someone that is so blatantly homophobe because “I was bored in a round.” Sure thing.


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