Ban Appeal : Howluinb (Khalil Hunter)

Byond Account: howluinb
Character Name(s): Khalil Hunter
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Howluinb31153#1759
Round ID of Ban: 11180
Ban Message:
State your appeal: After about 35 minutes with no quantum tech, with the “general idea” of science being to research the tiers as fast as possible so as to improve the station - I asked RD to do the research. They were not aware that the Ore silo was fixed, and thus thought it was a waste - while, on my part, I thought he was purposefully not getting it for some “dumb reason” (which, turned out to be a pretty good reason, even with the ore silo fixed in mind).

I then proceed to break into his office using hacking tools, research quantum tech, and get thus justly demoted (even after a lengthy discussion with RD and I we both agree the demotion was deserved), and that even if for me the 10 minutes spent in brig for flashing him was lengthy, i could understand where it comes from - although i did only resist arrest from the RD himself, but did not fight back at sec.

However - I do not understand why it went to the level of a ban as it was already handled pretty severely IC (Although, that is not a reason to not act on it OOC)
Now, I wouldn’t normally make a ban appeal here for two reasons :
First, it’s only a three days ban. I haven’t been permabanned, and it has almost ran out anyway.
Second, the ban message mentioned “previous notes” of powergaming, which, indeed is true.

However, after a bit of discussion with moderators, I decided to appeal this ban, as I learned not doing so would mean it being used against me in the future, AND because I learnt of the policy of “note drop-off”.

Here are my notes of the last two months, as given by helianthus (thank you very much again !)
In those, there are only two that I view as “powergaming” : lightly greytiding around with a portal gun and command headset (which, basically, was me teleporting everywhere and anywhere), and the AI law to get the cap’s bedsheets (which is complete powergame, even for a gimmick). Please note that in the last month ONLY, three notes were given, the latest three ones, including the ban. One was a genuine EXTREMELY bad error on my part and the other was just me going ham on friendly mobs who had attacked me in the past solely because “unga they attack me before they will attack me again”

Of note, however, is that the notes weren’t the only thing given to me - I have been indeed bwoinked IG over a few matters, which I promised to correct, and thus didn’t result in a note - However, none of them were ever related to researching in place of the RD.

So, the point of me having “previous notes of powergaming” and being “clearly told not to do so” is greatly exaggerated, making me just not understand how this netted me a three days ban and is noted as high severity compared to any of my other notes - arguably, a lot of them are worse than researching a tech and resisting arrest - hence why the unban appeal.

Sorry for the lengthy read.

This ban is already expired, but I’ll weigh in anyway. Our banning policy isn’t super strict, and staff have some freedom to work outside of it if they have a reason to believe that the person knowingly broke the rules (which, seeing as you definitely have experience in this role, you certainly knew that what you did was a violation of the rules). This is also far from your first core 2 offense, so notes having less impact over time isn’t really relevant here.

This would be denied, but seeing as it’s already expired, welcome back!