Ban Appeal. I deserve the ban & don't expect to be unbanned, but I at least wanna explain

Byond Account: Thalon
Character Name(s): Brand McDuff
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Thalon#0986
Round ID of Ban: 17873

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Fire bombing the shuttle as a non antag and leaving before you could be ahelped about it. Since more than a few people died to it and you have a note about chemist issues, this will be extended.

State your appeal: Definitely deserve the ban, and I definitely should NOT be unbanned. However, I was not trying to commit mass murder. I was trying to killed a very annoying Detective named Thomas Dean(?), however he ran from my grasps last minute. I had no idea the bomb was that devastating/powerful because, as stated in the Ban Message, I left the second I was on the floor dying. I have made about 5 bombs in my entire time on SS13 and that was my first fire bomb, so I had no idea that it would be that devastating. I’m sorry for leaving, again I thought that blast would be at max note worthy as the most I saw before running away was a 3x3 plasma fire that didn’t even seem to be lit. I’m hoping I could atleast get the ban reduced (I think 7 days is a bit much, but again I don’t know how many people I killed so I could be wrong), it’s understandable if not though. I probably shouldn’t of been trying to kill the Detective, even if they were being a dick to me.

This is my first time editing this, never broke rules thinking it’d only be a note, making bombs is not against the rules. I wanted to kill the detective because he robbed me and kidnapped a patient I had. l wanted to tell intent and see if I could get it reduced. I was trying to explain that my intent was to never shuttle bomb like the ban message implies. I find it incredibly rude that you pretty much added to my story and then called me stupid…


Trying to kill sec as a non-antag is enough for this to be bannable. Ban progression is increased based on how the event impacted the round for other players as well as a standard increase for repeated offenses. Please don’t waste our time with appeals on bans you know you deserve. This is denied.

Also, editing to add intentionally breaking the rules because you think it’ll only result in a note is dumb as hell. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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