Ban Appeal: I thought listening to the possessed sword was justified

Byond Account: Guptar
Character Name(s): Kade Conrad
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Don’t have one
Round ID of Ban: 12952
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
You have been banned by Bampotio from the server.
Reason: Round ID: 12952 As a non antag chemist you killed someone and stuffed them in disposals and when sec came to arrest you, you tried to kill them you’ve been warned previously about self antag
This ban is temporary, it will be removed in 7 days. The round ID is 12952.
To appeal this ban go to

State your appeal: I didn't mean to kill the first guy I was shoving him into the disposal after he tried to break down my door but I accidentally put him in crit without realizing it and I'm sorry that it ended up killing him as it wasn't my intention. Then when I attacked the sec officers I thought it was within the rules as I only did it because the possessed sword told me to but I know realize that is not allowed and I apologize for it. I am sincerely sorry for my escalation of the situation.

Critting someone and throwing them in disposals is against our escalation policy, and you’ve been warned about not following this before. However, this ban should have only been 3 days, not 7, so I’ve reduced the duration. Please double check our escalation policy before your break is over on the 28th.