Ban appeal: icarusfoundyou

Byond name: icarusfoundyou
Character name: Joaquin Pycroft
Ban Message:

The player Alexis Texas was sec, and was called to deal with me by HoP who didn’t appreciate my attempt to pretend to be a chef (I was a janitor). They arrested me, didn’t say why they were arresting me, put me in a cell with no timer and then pulled me out and gibbed me in space claiming I was a ling.

I ahelped for this and the admin kindly respawned me, but my items were all missing, including a whetstone, Italian Moustache, chef’s apron, chef’s suit, chef’s shoes, ingredient box and other items. All I was left with was janitor items and even my heirloom bucket was missing.

Then sec beat me up again, then they tried searching me for stolen items for no reason at all and then Alexis Texas shot at me with a shotgun again. I helped again for this and was healed but my stolen items were still not returned.

After this happened sec set a level 10 wanted thing on me, and a sec robot destroyed my leg. I ahelped for this and my leg was replaced by the admin.

At this time the members of sec had still not returned the items which were stolen by their previous actions, completely ruining the game for me. So in the escape shuttle I found the sec officer and began beating them with a crowbar in an attempt to regain my stolen items, they then killed me with a lethal shotgun which as far as I can see is yet another violation of the rules.

Nothing seemed to happen to Alexis Texas despite completely ruining the round and the banning admin claimed I lied and that I should read the rules. The rules don’t cover anything about stolen property or respawning so are of little help in this situation.

In the context of roleplay I was legitimately angry at the sec officer in question and chose to beat them using a crowbar, which is a non lethal means of attack. They responded by killing me immediately.

So in short all my items were stolen, I was killed twice, shot at with lethal weapons 3 times, had my leg removed and then I was banned and nothing seemed to happen to the sec officer.

I fail to see how I did anything wrong in this situation, my entire game was ruined and all my items stolen because sec was full of incompetent people who broke the rules repeatedly.

Also the admin’s ban reason clearly says I “began RDMing”. I took a look at the rules page as suggested and RDM is defined as random death match. Hitting someone in the leg with a crowbar is not attempted murder nor is it murder.

This ban is legitimate and makes sense you were banned on the 21st for rdm for 3 days then this ban was on the 25th you had been warned a few days prior and knew better. One of the things you should keep in mind is if some one is harassing you that you should ahelp for us to deal with it or you’ll both just get in trouble since you’re both adding to the fire.