Ban Appeal (Igunbase)

Byond Account: Igunbase
Character Name(s): (Can't remember)
Discord Name: IGBA
Round ID of Ban: 18379

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Banned and can’t access to get a copy/paste
State your appeal:

I was banned because I called an admin 20 IQ, I believe this is a good operunity for us all to come together and take a moment to ponder how many different things have gone wrong in order for someone emotionally unstable enough to take out a banhammer because they got insulted to ever get into a posistion where they had access to the banhammer to begin with.

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How did you forget your name if the round you got banned is still going on? I’m pretty sure this isn’t the reason you were banned, man.


You should take this good opportunity to read the rules again, admin 0 to be more clear.
Don’t know why you expected to get your ban appealed if you break the rules here again, pretty clear you didn’t read them I suppose.