Ban Appeal - IRL_Santaclaus

Byond Account: IRL_Santaclaus
Character Name(s): Steve
Round ID of Ban:12146
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): 

You have been banned by Guillaume Prata from the server.
Reason: Round ID: 12146
Rules Broken: Core 2
Reason: As a security Officer, you got into the bridge, recalled the shuttle and bought a dangerous one. When asked why you said it was just for a fun gimmick and refused to accept that you were just griefing the other players end of the round while doing so.
This ban is temporary, it will be removed in 2 weeks. The round ID is 12146.
State your appeal:

I believe that I was wrongly banned, and that I did not break any rules. But before I write my actual appeal, I gotta say, why the hell does the “scraphead challenge” shuttle even exist, if it is an instant ban to buy it? Is it only for traitors, that just so happen to want to be able to have themselves be traced over the communications console? Is it just for shitters that want a ban? I honestly see no reason to continue having it if it is a two week ban to buy it. And even then, I’ve bought it before and not gotten banned in the past, while admins were on. I honestly did not know it was considered a rule violation.

So with the actual rules I am accused of breaking. For one, I did have access to enter bridge from the HOP, just wanted to clear that up. Now the rule I am accused of breaking is rule two, in this case I am accused of griefing, as the ban message says. But in the rules the act of griefing is defined as:

Griefing: Deliberate actions that interfere with/antagonize other players or will take serious effort and time from other players to fix and/or repair.

Honestly the first example is redundant. In that case the entire job of being a clown or a mime is basically griefing, unless the best clown you can play is just playing instruments and dancing around, in which case you play a terrible clown. But even then buying a shitty shuttle for fun does not antagonize other players, and it certainly does not take serious effort or time from them. The round is ending anyways, all of their progress will be lost, so there’s nothing wrong with going out with a bang. The rules also say that if it takes more than ten minutes to replace it is generally grief, but between the time the shuttle arrives and the around ends there is only six minutes, therefore no ability or need to fix it.

If I actually broke any rules then I do apologize, but I honestly don’t see what I’ve done wrong.

Oh and remove the scraphead challenge. If ordering it means a ban for anyone but antags then what’s the point??

So the Captain can buy it.

Power Gaming: Obtaining items/power or doing things outside of the scope of your department or skill range to have a greater advantage.

A Security Officer’s job isn’t really to call/recall the shuttle, or buy shuttles.

Access to a department is not authorization to use its equipment as per RP standard 7. This is especially true when it comes to command consoles. In your ticket, you acknowledged that you did it to put the crew in danger:
ADMINPRIVATE: PM: IRL_santaclaus/(Steve)->Guillaume Prata/(Guillaume H. Prata): While I see your point, I would not personally consider it grief as it is not a danger to just one person, it is a danger that is fun to the entire crew, making it a gimmick.
You then go on to more or less justify shuttle grief. As a non-antag, you shouldn’t have “gimmicks” that put the crew in danger, let alone as security. The duration is based off of recent rule violations and previous bans.
Appeal denied.