Ban Appeal : Jalen Whiteman

Byond Account: Bieyes
Character Name(s): Jalen Whiteman
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): manitu#3220
Round ID of Ban: 20688

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: OK I cleared up my mind as I was very stressed of what I had done that round so this is an explanation on the first part: (I’m not going to try on grammar)
Ok start of the round I’m bartender doing my shit and stuff. This person claiming to be the phantom thief is like oh I’m going to steal this and no one can stop me or some thing like that. They stole something, I completely forgot what it was but it was not important but I lied about it being something else because then it would look like I’m lying and I would prob get banned for saying oh they stole something but I forgot. Then like that kind of pissed me of but I forgot about it. Skip ahead I’m in the court watching shit happen. But then someone keeps ringing the bell it was that phantom thief person I told them to stop and they kept doing it. 5 mins. Court ended I’m pissed. Then the phantom thief is like oh catch me if you can or some shit like that now I’m really fucking pissed so I start chasing them proving oh I can catch you but I’m going to beat the shit out of you when I do it. So they go to security then they go to medbay, I planned on beating them up to crit which I thought I did but obv didn’t. Like as soon as they couldn’t stand up I punched them like 2 or 3 more times and then exclaimed DONT STEAL MY STUFF AGAIN. I have no idea why I was thinking about the time the phantom thief stole my stuff but I did. I was more angry about the bell. Admins I completely understand if you think oh I’m lying but that is what you think and I’m free to wait 6 more days but I am saying I did read the rules and I thought all of this was rp but for you It clearly wasn’t and you didn’t understand it like I did but I have been recently bored and ss13 is my new fav game. So when I cant play my fav ss13 server and the only one I actually play and get banned for 7 days, I will get bored. I can wait 3 days Im kind of patience but 7 days an entire week is a no for me. Like admins if you are still reading this appeal please try understand this situation from my perspective and that I didn’t mean to kill them and only meant to get them to crit and to understand why I lied about the stealing as it would look like I was lying even if I didn’t lie. I was stressed when the admin was talking about it and you can understand why I couldn’t write all of this because when you’re stressed you only start thinking more on detail and I was only talking about the bell and the stealing shit to you but there was way more than those two things well kind of way more, but no matter the outcome of this appeal, I will not do this again and if I do remind me of this post because I have bad memory and shit like that. So if admins you are indeed reading this thank you, sorry for like a monster of an appeal but I’m trying to fit everything I can. Bye now see you in Fulpstation soon.

So, you lied. That alone is sufficient for a ban. We don’t appeal bans that are placed correctly just because you don’t like having to deal with being punished for breaking server rules. This is denied.

Also, for future reference, if you want your ban appeal to be taken seriously, please do try with grammar. It’s hard to read when you don’t bother and tells me you really don’t care about it.