Ban Appeal: Japes

Byond Account: japes
Character Name(s): Terry Folds
Discord Name: JOSEPH#1053
Round ID of Ban: 19917

Ban Message: Set off a chlorine triflouride grenade before EORG, already warned about this. Round
This ban is permanent.

State your appeal: Don’t exactly know what EORG is but from google it seems like the last 60 seconds of a round? After the round ends it seems everyone fights. I don’t see why setting a grenade to go off after the game is over/after escape should constitute a ban to be completely honest. I would prefer a different moderator look over this as Horatio22 has a power trip thing going on and did not respond to my question about what EORG is. Regards.

It went off before EORG started. That is why you were banned.

Not possible, 5 second timer triggered 2 seconds until escape.

The grenade went off before the round was over so the ban is correct.

Sorry but I will have to exert my power trip tendencies here and deny your ban appeal.