Ban Appeal - japes

Byond Account: japes
Character Name(s): Terry Folds
Discord Name: JOSEPH#1053
Round ID of Ban: 19917

Ban Message: Set off a chlorine triflouride grenade before EORG, already warned about this. Round
This ban is permanent.

State your appeal: At which time did the grenade go off?

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before EORG


Sure, at what station time?

you need to post the ban message with the date for us to more easily grab the logs also this isnt a ban appeal this is just a question

It is, I attest the grenade went off after round end and they wont tell me when it went off/ when round end was. I wasn’t given a date, it’s a permanent department ban.

EDIT: for context, previous ban appeal response.

japes [21d]
Not possible, 5 second timer triggered 2 seconds until escape.

The grenade went off before the round was over so the ban is correct.

Sorry but I will have to exert my power trip tendencies here and deny your ban appeal.

Edit2: More context of me messaging without getting a response

Hi, at what time did the grenade go off?
You flagged this for moderation

Been a week, is there going to be a reply at some point?

Hello, would be good to get a reply.



And the flag for moderation to get a response:

would be good to get real info so I can submit a proper ban appeal

Thanks for letting us know. We’re looking into it.

has it been looked into?


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This was bumped to a perma server ban following - believe it or not- more grief, so I’m just gonna go ahead and close this.