Ban Appeal - Jasto

Byond Account: SnoogieDarglin
Character Name(s): Jim Jackson
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Jasto#9642
Round ID of Ban: 10846 Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Reason core 2 grief spent the round attacking people and wouldnt respond to ahelps after multiple attempts to contact

State your appeal: The only attacks I did were while in character, I spent the round with my friend who was playing the psychiatrist at the time and was role playing as an insane patient. I was taken to jail and escaped after i was taken back to medical for help, and I attacked the psychiatrist who made me insane and the person who tried to apprehend me. I was transported to some other jail and centcom by the chef and that was when you tried to contact me I think, to be honest I wasnt looking at my chat because there was no one around me I was just trying to get out. So basically I never saw your ahelp things until after i was banned or I would have clicked on them

This ban already expired, but you do need to respond to ahelps ASAP or bans will often be harsher than they would be otherwise. If you turn your sound on, ahelps make an obnoxious noise so you certainly won’t miss them then.