Ban Appeal - kaizerbuns

Byond Account: kaizerbuns
Character Name(s): Supernova
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): King#2823
Round ID of Ban: 27388

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): named themself Happy Merchant, this is an antisemetic caricature
State your appeal:

During the round in question I was playing a clown with a junk shop gimmick. I had taken the name from an invader a friend and I encountered when we were playing Dark Souls. It was an invincible hacker that wouldn’t leave until each of us traded him something.

I didn’t make the association between the name and the antisemetic meme, I was imagining something closer to the happy mask man. If the appeal goes through I want to keep the junk shop gimmick but will be changing the name immediately.

I requested this ban, so I won’t be handling this appeal, but I would like to say I’d find this a lot more believable if it weren’t for your ckey.

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This is appealed, make sure to fix your IC name before joining a round. Any future, similar references will be met with a similar permaban so please look up what you are actually typing into the game before posting.