Ban appeal: Killbaiting as scientist

Byond Account:TheGayRhinoceros
Character Name(s):Homes Mothington
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): TheFatDog#3356
Round ID of Ban: 18420

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): core 2 self antag, Killbaiting reason: As a non antag scientist, you baited a clown into shooting you with a 357 you had from xenobio for stealing your scooter, then asked if you should take him to medical after they shot themselves. you JUST came off of a 3 day ban for killing people for taking your scooter using xenobio gear( you were roaming the halls after antag prepping the whole start of the round) and you clearly haven’t bothered to learn from your mistake. This ban is for 7 days
State your appeal:
So the situation. I was rolling around during a bus round as a fat silver golem on a scooter. Then a clown starts following me so I turn around and say “what”. The clown then unbuckles me from the scooter and tries to take it so I start punching him. I then examine him and it says severe bruising so I stop punching. The clown doesn’t get the message and rolls off with my scooter. I followed for a second but couldn’t keep up so I dropped a gatfruit I had in my pocket(it was there because it was a bus, and I thought I would find a use for it later. I was a golem so I couldn’t use it). My plan at that moment was for the clown to try and get the gun and in the process I would unbuckle him and take the scooter. And if they try to shoot me they would shoot themselves as a clown. And that is how it played out. Afterwards I examined the clown and saw that he was in softcrit, then I said “get fucked” and rolled away. After I had a moment to think I went back and saw the clown gone. At which point I Ahelped to ask whether I should have taken him to medbay.

The only other things I have to say is that I did search for the clown to make sure they didn’t just get murdered. Also I didn’t make the clown pick up the gun, I didn’t make the clown pull the trigger, I didn’t attack them I just rode away after they picked up the gun. It was the clown’s choice to try and shoot me. Also I didn’t just get off a 3 day ban, It was two weeks ago. That is recent but it didn’t just happen. “Antag Prepping”. What I’m guessing they mean is me turning into a golem and increasing my resistances. I wasn’t preparing to self antag, I was just increasing my survivability(during a bus round). If I really wanted to antag prep I would have turned into hulk, augmented, and cut off an arm. And I’d say this is a major improvement over my previous ban. I Didn’t shoot the clown, I didn’t make the clown shoot himself. I didn’t leave him in maints or some place where he wouldn’t be found. In conclusion I had my scooter stolen, I dropped a gun to get the clown thief’s attention, No one died, And I didn’t make the clown take the gun or pull the trigger.

This is what you said to the staff member who asked you about what happened:

Trying to get other people to shoot you to justify killing them is killbaiting. This is placed correctly. The appeal is denied.