Ban Appeal: Killer tomatoes on Shuttle

Byond Account: NPC_2030
Character Name(s): Tyron Williams
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): NPC#3645
Round ID of Ban: 16910
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: sorry for being a problem earlier and I just had a talk with one of my friends about the issue. I asked my friend what cool things I could make in botany for fun and he told me that I could use some of the mutant crops they had which was the killer tomatoes. he was a little vague on some stuff but I did end up getting to know how the mutation system and stuff work from him. I did know how killer tomatoes work from a short video guide on botany, but I didn’t know that it would cause problems on the shuttle. I don’t have the best internet either and right after I had set them off I got dc’ed and just gave up on rejoining so I’m sorry I couldn’t get your message and for the inconvenience. if you need to talk to my friend about it his discord name is ThePuppay#4927 because I think he can explain it better than I can and he’s more experienced in the game then I am

What’s your friend’s ckey?

His ckey is The_Puppay

I’m not entirely sure I buy that this was a dumb mistake; however, this looks to be your first offense, so I’m reducing this ban to 3 days from the original date of the ban. Please review the rules and be aware that any further grief issues will be met with you going back on perma.