Ban Appeal... kind of?

Byond Account: Mornyres
Character Name(s): Bobby Bratwust (?)
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): dubblywumps #5431
Round ID of Ban: 23649

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:

I do think that for this offense it was seriously excessive to apply a ban rather than a warning or request, and especially a ban for 7(!) days. But my main concern is being accurately quoted/paraphrased, as well as pointing out the value of discussion even if it seems like an argument.


  • As an engineer I had a floor pill I wanted to identify and two more that were elsewhere waiting to be picked up (black market uplink)
  • I went to medbay pharmacy
  • As I arrived the pharmacy was lightly blown up by the CMO (chief meth officer) and then evacuated
  • I hacked in the maintenance door near the hall
  • My plan was to grind one pill, go find my other pills one by one, grind them, give them to chemistry then fix the machines (though the admin event happened after the first two)
  • My belief was it made sense to enter because nobody with access was nearby or readily available, the pills would ultimately help crew, and I would eventually be fixing the machines
  • Yes, my main reason for entry was to grind the pills, which can be seen as greytiding as the ban states, and which I didn’t argue against. This is also the main point we focused on (because even assuming the pharmacy weren’t destroyed and/or I wasn’t an engineer I didn’t understand why the magnitude of response was warranted and wanted to understand the admin’s reasoning)

First off, I don’t necessarily need this ban lifted because I’m about to go on holiday and won’t be playing anyway. Ignore that aspect if you want. This ban just rubbed me the wrong way on principle and I wanted to point a few things out. It’s not serious or bad enough for a staff report on the other hand. Hopefully it gives some food for thought or sparks conversation, that’s all.

  1. The reason message says I called it a “small offense” in double quotes, though I never said that (or meant to imply it). Double quotes should be strictly avoided unless the person actually said what is being quoted (in all communication, period). Regardless of whatever else you think, people should not ever be utterly misquoted in bans or notes.

  2. The reason message also says I “argued… [the admin] shouldnt even bother with it” which I did not do. Again, this badly paraphrases me, but at least it’s not in double quotes.

What I did say was something to the effect that the action I did was a ‘small thing to fixate on’ (almost or exactly my wording). I intended that as a small pushback or prompt for the admin to elaborate on why the thing I did (see below) was worth the response they chose. Specifically, the tone that the admin used when addressing me was less inquisitive and objective (good) and more accusatory and condescending (bad) – i.e. they implied rather strongly I had gotten a job change specifically to hack inside, and immediately called the act tiding without asking anything. It felt like a bit of a hostile situation and that’s all I meant to probe. ‘Fixate’ is a bad choice of wording, maybe, but it’s also an awkward situation to describe. To me, that was the start of the conversation and I wanted to open a back and forth on the matter, but to them it was the end of the conversation.

I’ve been a server admin on a different game before and personally saw a lot of value in people pushing back on my initial assumptions and characterizations, because as an admin you tend to get tunnel vision and assume worst intentions in everything. I’m also used to a degree of dialog with (good) admins who are willing to debate things and change their perspective. Maybe it’s a matter of opinion or preference, but I just don’t think moderation is effective at all if you ban first and ask questions later. If the person had good or at least not bad intentions, they’re left with only anger and no understanding of what they did wrong or why the rule exists. If you’re too tired to entertain a discussion like that, even just a request to not do something is still way better.

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Sorry for the long response time with the holiday season and all.

The ticket

[2022-12-19 02:13:31.103] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Ticket #5: Mornyres/(Billy Bratwurst)->Tetracor/(Diego Thomas): but even pretending for the sake of argument either of those were true it's a pretty minor act to fixate on

You literaly said its a minor act??? Then Tetracor goes on to say the issue is that you didn’t ask anyone for help and got a job change to tide better you didn’t even offer an explanation why youd change jobs. You say you used to be an admin on a different game then surely youd know how to respond to staff and tell them actually important information that relates to the situation instead of trying to start an arugment.

yeah sure is strange when staff think you tend to grief with a certain job just because you have a history of griefing with that job. This appeal is denied.