Ban appeal: KingScooby

Byond Account: KingScooby
Character Name(s): Gary Smoll
Discord Name : ScoobySk8er#7835
Round ID of Ban: 16747

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Banned by host: You, or another user of this computer or connection (KingScooby) is banned from playing here. The ban reason is: Rules broken: Core 2 - Grief, Self-Antagging As a non-antag scientist took two plasma canisters from toxins storage and opened them in the primary hallways, claiming it was to “spice things up”. this ban (BanID #22202) was applied by pepsilawn on 2021-09-20 08:16:12 during round ID #16747. This is a permanent ban.
State your appeal: its early in the morning i just hopped on to play a couple rounds before work today. i have come along way as a proud doctor in the medbay on fulpstation learning how to keep my patients alive lately. i landed the role scientist and dont know what to do. i grabbed a couple plasma canisters and blew them up in the hallway yes. but i dont believe i should be perm banned. i apologize if it pissed some people off i understand. theres crazy stuff always going on in space station 13 and i am usually botherd by other players too. ill take a week or two too reflect on what ive done, to think of ways to better rp, and plan to learn more through the wiki next time on the character i role. so i can play them better and help the people around me. and not just blow my self up and others. because i didnt wana be a scientist. i am sorry. i relize after reading all the rules not only what isnt allowed but why what i did is not allowed. antagonist is a role for a reason. i dont get to just be one when i want. i understand that now. if i am unbanned. i will do my job and work with my team from now on no matter what department role i land and let the real antagonists do thier job. i really do enjoy playing ss13 and i hope this appeal reaches you well and soon. i also relize all this could have been avoided when the moderator messeged me ingame and asked why. i just said “to spice things up” being snark and upset while i was dead ingame. i should have taken that seriously and said i really didnt wana be a scientist. id like to learn the role of science later after i hope to master the game in general, and being a doctor and engineer first.

You flooded within 20 minutes of the start and showed little remorse for that. I really am reluctant to believe your apology here. However, since this is your first offense, I’ll lower this ban to a month. You can take this month off to learn the rules a bit better.