Ban Appeal - KubeRoot

Byond Account: KubeRoot
Character Name(s): Trenton Fryer
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): KubeRoot#0001
Round ID of Ban: N/A
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): See image below (copying text didn't work :BYOND:)
State your appeal:

I am not the person banned or related to the person banned. I use linux as my primary operating system and use a VM with windows to run the game. I played a round earlier today and had serious issues with performance, with the game freezing every few seconds, until I had to abandon the round to try to fix the issues. I ended up making a new VM from scratch, this time on a newer version of windows, suspecting issues from trying to improve performance. I suspect this ban stems from the basic VM being recognized as the same system as the person banned.

Looks like the ban evasion system incorrectly flagged your account. This should be fixed now, so you should be able to log in to the server. Let me know if you have any issues connecting!

Thanks for the quick reply, I seem to be able to connect now, the lobby shows up, though I won’t be able to play a round to make sure at the moment.

Alrighty! If you’re not getting the ban message, it should have turned out then. Sorry about this!

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