Ban Appeal - LBmember4/CC43

Byond Account: LBmember4
Character Name(s): Christina Mernburn, Audrey Lifeline, Para Noid and many more
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): cc43#6875
Round ID of Ban: 20093

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): “The ban reason is: Core 3 Offered to DM me a porn link multiple times while rule lawyering about not being allowed to post cropped porn in our server that you know allows minors.” Ban applied by Horatio22

State your appeal:
Greetings Fulp Moderation,

Kinda hoped would never need to appeal a ban here, but things happen.
I want to say that in my 300+ hours on Fulp I have never doubted the decisions of the Administation, all the warnings I have recieved in the past are justified, but this one is different.
It all began with the Fulp discord, where I was chatting with someone about “mimes that talk should have a voice activated bomb inside of them”, and the person I was talking with sent some picture, so I went to #public-images. Deciting to react with a GIF I typed in “mime bomb” in the discord and selected one of the GIFs. That GIF was a scene from a NSFW animation, and I will admit to having seen it. It was part of the “SFW” part of the animation where nothing much happened, so I thought it was okay to post.
Also, the movement of the character reminded me of the meme “God I love trampolining”. That joke was my bad, I really should have thought about that one better. After that I picked up my phone again to see that my roles got removed. I checked the ping and Horati22 accused me of sending NSFW content. Suprised, I tried to remember what I sent and remembered the GIF. Upon remembering I tried to defend from the imminent ban by claiming that nothing about the GIF is NSFW. As for the “trampoline” comment, my defense was that children wouln’t have gotten it, which is a weak defense, and I admit I shouldn’t have referenced that meme. My last ditch effort to evade the ban was to send evidence that the GIF was infact, part of the SFW part of the video. My attempt to prove my innocence seems to have gotten misunderstood for a trolling attempt, or a way to disrespect the admin. If that was it, sorry, I deeply respect the work admins are doing, and would not puposfully disrespect them. The “rule lawyering” seems to have come from me arguing that it was not cropped, it was the full view, and nothing too indecent was happening down there. I shouldn’t have posted those I know, I would have accepted a Discord ban and found it more or less reasonable. But I got banned on the space station 13 server as well, which I think has nothing to do with what I am doing on the discord and in my opinion is overkill, since I haven’t actually broken the NSFW rule on the server itself, and never planned to. I beg you, the moderation, to please consider this request to unban me.

I thank you for your time,


Ps. The links got removed, the SFW version that contains the clip is available on youtube (Mime and Dash) by DerPixon (0:50-0:52).

Youre right thats incredibly weak defence

I dont even know what part you think is unfair about this ban like you posted a gif from sexual content on an all ages server. That is 0 tolernce for sexual content even if we had no minors on the server we still wouldn’t allow sexual content.
Even when you go to the video the gif is from this is the first thing you see
this ban is placed correctly and is fair.