Ban Appeal | Learning Virology

Byond Account: Jayswee
Character Name(s): John Jimmy
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Jayswee#0924
Round ID of Ban: #36981

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: I was playing with a friend and started as a janitor. My friend asked if I wanted to learn virology and got permission from the HOP to become a virologist and learn the job. He was showing me the ropes and we made a good virus to start “Gods Gift” and then I ask what else can you do and then we started learning how to make vaccines. We got calls that a sentient virus was going around and we made the vaccine with his guidance and my hands. Once that was resolved he showed me how we can make a bad virus and then make a cure for it. We made the bad virus and gave it to only monkeys to show me how the Health Analyzer works. It didn’t show up in the analyzer and explained how viruses can have stealth. We were in the process of making the cure but the friends that we were waiting for to play another game got online and we left the cure. We thought this would be fine as we only gave it to monkeys that were quarantined and left the cure inside Virology so that incase it somehow were to spread; all they had to do was use the vaccine. Edit: It was only transferable through Blood, giving us more belief that nothing bad should occur to the station.

No one outside was infected by your diseases, this is appealed. Welcome back.