Ban Appeal Lester_Roloff Ban ID #40888

Byond Account: Lester_Roloff
Character Name(s): Lester Roloff
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Not in the discord
Round ID of Ban: 31054
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal:

I asked the barkeep if they could piss into a glass because i was trying to stop a fly person from starving - i was trying to find gross things to feed them.

The barkeep informed me that the Bacchus’ Blessing was gross and so i fed them that and it worked, then i didn’t ask for such things again.

Line 9535: [2024-02-28 08:53:35.651] GAME-SAY: Lester_Roloff/(Lester Roloff) (mob_3147) “maybe i shit into his mouth?” (Port Primary Hallway (101,128,2))

Line 9574: [2024-02-28 08:54:03.198] GAME-SAY: Lester_Roloff/(Lester Roloff) (mob_3147) “hell think its chocolate icing” (Port Primary Hallway (101,128,2))

[2024-02-28 09:53:31.285] GAME-SAY: Lester_Roloff/(Lester Roloff) (mob_3147) “get your hands off my penis!” (Brig (125,180,2))

: [2024-02-28 09:54:28.834] GAME-SAY: Lester_Roloff/(Lester Roloff) (mob_3147) “and you sir, are you waiting to receive my limp penis?” (Brig (125,180,2))

Additionally, your original ckey was Martin Faust 1923 which is a clear reference to a Nazi.

I don’t know how you haven’t been permabanned prior to this.

You aren’t welcome here.

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