Ban Appeal - Letrolemastur

Byond Account: Letrolemastur
Character Name(s): Random
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): letrolemastur #5386
Round ID of Ban:12686

Ban message: You, or another user of this computer or connection (Letrolemastur) is banned from playing here. the ban reason is: round ID #: 9822 Requesting Staff member: Gumphrey Rules broken: Core 2.1 Reason: You have a permanent security ban on another related account, which you attempted to evade by making this new account. This is completely unacceptable. Appeal on teh forums if you would like to play again. this ban (Ban ID # 12686) was applied by tom f hardy on 2020-09-20 14:29:22 during round ID 9823. This is a permanent ban. i retyped not pasted lmao please excuse mistakes morality wise and typing wise.

State your appeal: I am at a point where due to my earlier days in byond I am limited severely in the places I can still play despite having tons of play time on multiple servers I am permanently abnned from due to trolling at some point or another. I have stuck to CM and have silver medals as marine and SG if anyone is familiar with the playtime/medal mechanic. point being i know how to play nice now and this ban was forever ago. I’d like to give it another go. A command and sec ban are due sure. But i think I’d be good to go for antag roles here (by patience/rng) and to at least be lawyer and deputy as far as sec go. But if you think a sec and command ban are both necessary for me still just to play here I’d get it.

We’ll give you another chance but please re-read and lets not ban evade again welcome back!