Ban Appeal Madsenanders

Byond Account: Madsenanders
Character Name(s): Don’t remember ( I get a random name every round)
Discord Name kk (not in your discord)
Round ID of Ban: 10679
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): image
State your appeal: So first of all, I didn’t kill that sec officer, he was beaten to crit and not hit after he was in crit. He never died. I don’t think I have ever killed a sec officer as prisoner. I literally don’t know how I have “been talked to about how this isn’t ok”. The only bwoink I think I have ever gotten in regards to prisoner was when I went to genetics and got hulk. This ban messeage is very confusing because as far as I can tell most things it says are false.

In regards to what happened, it is pretty simple and almost already stated. A sec officer entered perma and I beat him to crit to steal his things. I have always thought that this was a legitimate way to escape as before I ever picked prisoner I heard multiple times about how things like this had happened. I have done this many many times before without getting bwoinked. I think it was two days ago when a sec officer executed me for doing this exact thing, and I told an admin, and the admin didn’t tell me that I wasn’t allowed to beat sec officers to crit, just focused entirely on the sec officer that executed me wrongly. So yeah, I don’t know what to really say other than I always thought it was allowed and always feel like it has been allowed as I have seen it happen many times before and done it myself many times before. If it really isn’t allowed then I will stop doing it but if it isn’t then it really needs to be cracked down on more as it is extremely common.

That is not an acceptable way to play prisoner. Prisoner is not an antag, it’s a role where you are expected to at least try to RP if you want to escape, or don’t involve yourself with other people at all. Even if you haven’t done the same exact thing as a prisoner before, you have been involved in many situations where you killed people randomly or for illegitimate reasons, which is why this ban was applied. If you see this sort of thing happening IC, ahelp it and it will be taken care of, but breaking the rules isn’t acceptable.

Appeal denied.