Ban Appeal- Mailman Number Six- Second Time Is the Charm?

Byond Account: Mailman Number Six
Character Name(s): Grzegorz Brzeczyszczykiewicz
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Mailman Number Six#9691
Round ID of Ban: 11639
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste) no justice no peace

State your appeal:
The last one wasn’t serious enough and there’s no better time to be serious then april fools day so here’s another appeal.

My defence is pretty much the same as in the first thread, the word I used in the OCC chat wasn’t a slur nor a misspelled slur or used in offensive manner.
The thread in question with the circumstances of the ban just disregard the shitpost at the end of that appeal.

As for my admin notes, mostly shitsec themed can’t really take a glance at them right now with being banned and all but pretty sure 2/3 of them were deserved
so im not gonna argue there. Other than that there’s the “sexual content” if I recall all of them were Woody got Wood related for example showing it to the AI or
transmitting it direcly to some poor saps brain with a tracking implant. Personally I’ve never read the whole damm thing you know I don’t swing that way but
from what I was told its saucy. Now I can see that seeing unwanted smut might be a problem after a while Im saying it from experience after playing on a cartain
RP server starting with S, I wasn’t there for the hanky-panky mind you just for a TG based server with consistent population.

That’s about to sum it up: I didin’t break the rule 4 at least at the time I got perma banned and I abandoned my WGW spaming ways even before the perma ban and the enlightening/traumatizing events on the S server.

Yet you continue to not take it seriously and deny the purpose of saying that. The “nig” part of “nigloo” being drawn up as a black igloo is pretty self explanatory. What else could it mean? It annoys me more than anything else to see someone deny a mistake when it’s so obvious that they did it.