Ban Appeal: Marshturtle

Byond Account: Marshturtle
Character Name(s): Marsh Marshson
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Marsh#3593
Round ID of Ban:16841

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: During my previous perma ban, I played on an LRP server for the most part, where the rules weren’t as strict with the murderboning policy. So my traitor behavior was influenced by my experiences on LRP.

My goals as traitor were to steal the blackbox (accomplished) and assassinate curator 1 (not accomplished.) When it came to killing curator 1, I had no way to isolate him, so I decided to kill curator 2, take his id, then wait in his office to get the drop on curator 1. When I thought I had isolated curator 2, I went in for the kill.

The detective came out of the bathroom at that exact time, so I slashed the detective and ran into maints. Backup arrived and chased me, where I shoved a security officer against a wall, took his baton, and killed him with it. More officers arrived and I went on a rampage where I’m pretty sure I killed an officer and the HOS. After escaping, I was for whatever reason running towards brig, where I slashed the brig doctor a few times and slashed a bystander once (bit excessive.) I ran away to the south

I later got to cargo, emagged the recycler, and emerged from disposals into cargo. My memory gets a bit foggy here. Anyways, I came back to brig again for some reason I don’t recall, needlessly killed the brig doctor for no other reason than he was a part of the security force. I flushed him and me down the garbage chute, and when I arrived at cargo, I flushed him into disposals knowing he’d be killed by it.

Escaping cargo, I ran to the central hall (heliostation) and saw the detective, beepsky, a scientist holding a maxcap, and several bystanders. Thinking I had been cornered for some reason, I had this incredibly stupid idea to shove the scientist and activate his maxcap, which I did, which killed essentially everyone there. My LRP antagonist behaviors affected me the most here, since that would have gone un-bwoinked there.

My actions here are essentially unforgivable, it had literally been 3 days since my permaban. This time around though, I took a month to think about the ban, and why it was reasonable, instead of posting a shitty appeal right away. If you do end up accepting this appeal, please inform me the proper way to not kill a chunk of the security force while “escaping” them.


This is your second permaban, and it was barely a month ago. We don’t normally give 3rd chances. Denied.