Ban Appeal - Maximillian McDonohugh

Byond Account: ahgdfopiyfasjhkl
Character Name(s): Maximillian McDonohugh
Discord Name: N/A
Round ID: 11311
Ban Message: Round 11311 - As a nonantag curator, atacked (sic) security to let someone being arrested go, then later killed the officer with the curator’s whip.
State your appeal:

Some security officer(s) stated doubt as to whether or not the arrested person was a ling. Despite this, Boris was leading them away and expressed the intent of extrajudicially gibbing the arrested. As my character was a curator and well read, they knew this was illegal as permission is required from superiors for that. He non-lethally frees the accused, and talks shit on the radio to serve as a distraction.

Eventually Boris barges into the pod escalating the fight with lethal intent (by his own admission), who again is disarmed non-lethally. Since I don’t, or didn’t remember having cuffs I put Boris into crit (if I had killed him I’m sure we would have heard about it in his post) so he would stop using the radio and not attack me from behind if backup came. Which it did. They took turns running at me one at a time and kept having their weapons disarmed by the whip. Eventually I decide I’ve been enough of a distraction and just walk out and let them kill me. They apprehend the alleged ling before the shuttle takes off anyways, and from what I remember all of security except maybe one got away safely while I and the alleged ling (the post-facto bad guys of this story) end up stranded or dead. Keep in mind all of this happened in the last 4-5 minutes of the round.

TL;DR: I believe I wasn’t “self antaging” as my character acted within reason, didn’t kill anyone, didn’t ruin a round for anyone and the wrong decision I made was handled IC IMO. With all due respect I think this accusation was made because madsenanders was upset that he lost two consecutive 1v1s and couldn’t handle three minutes of bantz. It seems, to me at least, that he is using grief patrol as yet another tool to “win” that fight. Maybe I misremember since it happened so long ago but if I have to sit out 3 days to soothe his chapped ass then I guess I can be the bigger man.

HoS told us that round to gib any lings, thereby giving us permission. A geneticist I trusted said he mind read the ling and that is how he knew he was a ling. This made me almost certain he was a ling (And I checked end of round, he was a ling) which is why I told him I would gib him, to hope that he would use ling powers and give us concrete proof. You would notice I did not beat him to death while taking him to be gibbed even though this is usually what sec does when there are dangerous lings, as this is the safest way of transporting them, but I did not do it because I was not certain he was a ling. Of course you released him which ruined this entire plan but in my mind confirmed him as a ling because why else would he be released by a curator with a stun baton? Makes sense for an antag to steal a stun baton from sec, not so much if you aren’t one. You should also realize as a curator it is not your job to be an angel of justice protecting anyone from what you think is shitsec.

You stun batoned me and cuffed me, I remember this because another sec officer had to remove my cuffs. You kept beating me even while I was in crit, you only stopped when other sec officers came which really gives no indication that you weren’t trying to kill me. You had me cuffed in the shuttle and beat me to crit and kept beating me beyond to prevent me from talking on the radio…? Why not just remove the radio?

You are really obsessed with how robust you are. You stun batoned 2 officers and said you won a 1v4 when initially releasing the prisoner. Your dying words was something complaining about how sec was 3v1’ing you and now you bring up how you won 2 1v1’s. Seems like you really just want to be a robust fella despite just using stun baton which is a matter of first to hit wins. This entire bit of the ban appeal is you projecting how you would feel in my shoes.

Hey buddy, glad you could stop by. I’m sorry to see you’re still just a tad bit tilted after a couple days off but it is what it is. Surely you’ll get over it soon.

I’m glad you responded because not only do my points stand, but are corroborated by my accuser.

So it looks like it wasn’t just the other officers that had doubts as to whether or not the arrested was a ling, but so did my accuser! It would appear that absolutely nobody present at the arrest was sure he was a ling, and yet he was to be executed. When half of the security force implicitly agree to execute someone they see as “doubtfully an antagonist” I think it sufficiently proves incompetence in the best case and malevolence in the worst. Being a curator, Maximilian had read one too many books on chivalry and developed a Don Quixote complex, compelling him to intervene on behalf of justice, non-lethally.

I tried to compensate for sec armor/mood, sure maybe I hit a few too many times because my napkin math was bad. The timing of the guard was very unfortunate but I would like to again state I had no intention of killing you. I was planning on having us both shuttle away and finishing the round alive. You did admit yourself to coming at me with lethal intent, which in theory means that would have been self-defense anyways as I was matching your assertion of force. Obviously I’m not making that defense but even following that train of logic I’ve done nothing wrong.

Look you can say what you want but it’s glaringly obvious your motivations behind this. You were absolutely seething over the security radio, calling your fellow security some really mean words for 2-3 minutes straight because you allowed the detainee to escape. After having your chance at redemption at the pod, you flubbed it too despite going in guns blazing, which I can only imagine added to your frustration. In your original post you had mentioned your lethal intent, but then had to go back and edit in a justification post-facto. Another tell was your fixation on calling me a shitter at every available opportunity. And now, two days later, you’re in this thread replying to an appeal because you just can’t let it go. You’re trying to minimize the embarrassment you’re clearly still feeling by downplaying the fight and blaming stun baton mechanics. You lost a fight to some guy exclusively using non-lethals, and you’re upset about it. Sometimes you just get got, chill out buddy.

In closing, let’s recall the events as they have been agreed upon: Security agrees to gib someone that nobody truly believes is a ling. That person is released through nonlethal intervention by a librarian who has read a few too many comic books. Boris then barges into the pod with self-admitted lethal intent against a guy whose only offense was stun batonning him twice. He then loses this fight as well. I am later killed by security anyways and the ling is stranded, while security makes it to the pod just in time and escapes. With all due respect this seems to be a pretty mundane issue that was handled IC and had next to no impact on the round. If it weren’t for madsenanders habitual use of the grief patrol as an extension of the in-game combat system I don’t think anyone would care.

Did you completely ignore that I said I was gibbing him to try and get concrete proof? I would have brought him to the gibber installed in sec and if I got no proof that he was a ling at that point I would have let him go. Ignoring what I say to get a “gotcha” moment doesn’t look good for you. The rest of your response isn’t really relevant so let’s look at the facts and what you claim to not be self antagging.

As a non antag curator you:

  1. Stole a stun baton from security
  2. Released a ling from security custody
  3. Beat a detective to crit after cuffing them
  4. Attacked other security officers
  5. Prevented a security officer from making it to the pod (though unlikely this was intentional)

you shouldn’t even pretend to gib someone who is a non-antag because then that’s just baiting them to self-antag

They were cuffed, not much they could do to self-antag.

Even then, it’s a pretty shitty way to find out if someone is a ling. And when I say pretty shitty, I mean it’s the worst way I’ve ever heard. Please don’t ling test by pretending to fucking execute a non-antag

This is the only time I have ever tried to do this and it was because I was extremely certain it was a ling (and it was) and was trying to get concrete proof because executing based on the testimony of one geneticist, even if he had found a ling previously, would be dumb.

1.1. If you want to build mechs, play roboticists. If you want to hunt for antags and uphold space law, play security.

As a non-sec officer, you shouldn’t be getting involved in this at all. If you think an extrajudicial killing is about to happen, that needs to be helped, not dealt with by beating the sec officers.

You certainly have the note history for a ban, and this was placed correctly. Appeal denied.