Ban Appeal - MentalDecayed #3

Byond Account:MentalDecayed
Character Name(s): Cremora Lutenesca
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): MentalDecayed#6355
Round ID of Ban:12852
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:
I’m sorry for heckling at a new player. I told him about how he killed his own patient and was vehemently stubborn and willfully ignorant about the error he made that i pointed out to him. Since the patient was dead, it made me feel like i had to defend on the patient’s behalf. in my own way.
A Seven day ban seems like an overly harsh punishment when i haven’t had a ban in two months and no prior related notes. Not even a warning beforehand. Even the argument that I should know better doesn’t make sense when it’s against the ban length progression policy.

Staff have some discretion when making bans. You also have a very, very long history with being toxic, and as a former mod, you should know better by now. In fact, your toxicity toward players is why you were removed from mentor in the first place. You apparently remember the banning policy well enough to know that this was a liberty taken outside of progression yet don’t remember the rules well enough to know that you’re not supposed to, as an assistant, scream at a new player that the CMO was monitoring? How many “warnings” does an adult need to not yell at people at video games?

am i not allowed to defend someone who’s been dead for 10 minutes and unable to actually criticize what someone is doing that harms their corpse on behalf of them, while being unable to speak because of, you know, being dead?
Yes, i know i’m toxic, but when I see someone who is unable to just play the game for long lengths of time because they were stuck dead in medbay for 10 minutes or longer for a procedure that should take 2 minutes or less, I’m genuinely angry on their behalf and deeply saddened when they go ghost role or just log out of the server.
This has happened so many times that it’s impossible to count.
On account of screaming at people in video games, when something is urgent like keeping a player in the game, it can be hard to keep calm when someone’s play experience is on the line because they keep getting repeatedly murdered/incapped.

How are you defending them by yelling at the person trying to help them? The person reviving them might be messing up but calling them an idiot isn’t going to speed up the revival process, if anything it almost certainly slows it down. You’re so upset on their behalf that you further screw them over by further slowing down the revival process…

If you just calmly explained what mistake they made and what the correct thing to do is then you would be speeding it up.

Appeal denied. You were extremely toxic and we are entirely willing to make exceptions in policy for long-term players that should know better. If you don’t want to end up with a more severe ban next time, I seriously recommend toning it down once your ban ends. Posting your say logs so people can see what warrants this kind of ban for a veteran player.