Ban Appeal - MentalDecayed #4

Byond Account: MentalDecayed
Character Name(s): Sammael Macdougal
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): MentalDecayed#6355
Round ID of Ban: 13924
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):image
State your appeal:
Once again, i’m banned by joyce. It really seems she doesn’t want me on the server at all. that aside, I DID NOT LIE ABOUT GETTING PERMISSION FOR NON-LETHALS.
I need someone else to actually review the chatlogs again, or to find the person who was the hop during that round and ask him if you can’t seem to find those chatlogs.
i got permission, i asked, and he opened. i wouldn’t have gotten those weapons otherwise and he had them as well.
including notes for ock icking to someone who I was talking about out of game things with anyway because i dont have them on discord seems extremely petty at this point. This is genuinely frustrating.

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How NOT to get your appeal accepted:

  1. Blame the admins

you dont realize how frustrating it is that most of my bans are from joyce and are completely overly harsh on me. no related notes in the past few months, week bans. nobody but her does this with anything i do, justified or not. 18/20 of my bans are from her, and several were overturned even. I’ve even made admin reports on this.
I did get permission from the hop. he wouldn’t have opened them otherwise.

20 bans

Also, all bans are public. You have 7 bans by non-Montague.

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Imagine having 20 bans and not even considering that, maybe, there is something wrong with how you are playing the game.

i aint seen where they are. direct me to em

The past few bans were months and months apart with no in between notes or anything and yet you still ban me for 7 days each time for different subjects. Doing proverbial CBT because you don’t like me as a person isn’t justified at all.
Like the time I spazzed out in criticisms, apologized to the person involved and even became somewhat acquainted with them and yet you perma banned me from criticism chat anyway even though the new mod said “hey dont, we cool”

Most of this belongs in a staff report. I’d appreciate it if you keep things directed into their proper channels, as seeing you endlessly talk bad about the admin that banned you in this ban appeal doesn’t make anyone more likely to appeal it.

See this isn’t helping your case right now Joyce is the one you see the most since you both are on at the same time for time zone sleeping schedule reasons like you never see me because i’m on at totally different times then you so i was reviewing the logs for this you asked the ai for permission you didnt ask the HOP because there was no HOP (round start or late join) you asked the AI you’ve played here a long time so you know that you have to ask the HOP/Capt this ban follows progression and makes sense this aggression in the comments of this post is not helping your case any part of this ban is already about admin interaction if you are having problems with staff the right place to report that is a real staff report so we can investigate it

TLDR: Ban follows progression makes sense you didn’t get permission to use lethals because there was no one who could have given you permission