Ban Appeal - MentalDecayed #5

Byond Account: MentalDecayed
Character Name(s): Cremora Lutenesca
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): MentalDecayed#3655
Round ID of Ban:15990
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):


State your appeal: Look. I'm sorry I let a tider die. but the only chemical I ever injected him with was fentanyl. the effects are as follows: Will deal 1 toxin and 3 brain damage, up to 60 points of toxin damage and 150 points of brain damage (brains have 200 points of health). If the drug is not removed before 18 cycles it will make the user fall asleep. I used this chemical to make him fall asleep for a long time. this is not a lethal chemical. this causes no liver damage. the cause of his death was a dead liver and i wouldn't be able to revive him at the time anyway as we had zero metal in the ore silo. This guy was being a tider to medbay the whole round and when i called sec earlier in the round when they were less busy they just didn't come. This guy kept escalating it so i used a NON-LETHAL chemical on him. i dont know what caused his liver to fail, but this was not my fault. we had enough on our plate n medbay with xenomorph egg removal and i saw no reason to favor someone who wouldn't leave me or my staff alone. If letting someone die instead of taking action to heal them is an execution, then so be it. but this is news to me. non cyborg players are not bound to an Asimov lawset. I'm not obligated to help people if I don't want to. Maybe I WAS planning to revive the sucker later, but I wasn't going to be given the chance. if you want the person who actually killed him, find the chems that were injected and look at what causes liver damage. But his death was not a result of my direct actions. I put him in the morgue to have him think about what he was doing before maybe coming around to revive his buttmunching body. 

I don’t know what you want me to say. I get pushed and pushed into reacting to people in a negative way and it always gets me banned, but when the shoe is on the other foot for someone else, the other party doesn’t even get a slap on the wrist. I get the boot instead. Actually tell me why this is please. I’d really like to know.
i’d like to think you guys are reasonable. I’m legitimately trying not to be malicious. Which is why i typically use non lethal means to deal with problems like this. Whenever I ahelp this sort of stuff, I feel that I don’t get helped at all and the grief continues with zero reprimand to the other party.
please, i’d like to be unbanned.

This ban happened for a few different reasons and I’m going to go over it I’m nonbiased in this situation since I’ve been away for a bit so I’m just going to go over everything.

You drug some ones body to a place it would not reasonably be found and revived being the morgue is not where revivable people are kept and is almost never searched. If you had actually intended to revive them or have some one else revive them they would be brought to medical and left on the floor like everyone else. Here is the logs of what happened

Then some fighting

they go into crit

then die in the morgue. Your whole job as CMO is to save people not just let people die because they where annoying you or being stinky. You normally don’t have a problem ahelping and letting us know when some thing is going wrong and we always deal with it if it isn’t an IC issue.

This ban was also escalated to a perma because of how you’ve been treating the staff lately you are ex staff so you should know how it is and the stress that goes along with it.

This along with your last ban appeal with your medical mime incident is not doing you any favors. You obviously aren’t happy here and the constant aggression towards staff isn’t doing it for us. You can try to seriously try to appeal this ban when you want to accept some level of accountability for your own actions.

TLDR: Denied poor IC behavior and rule breaking along with aggression towards staff and total unwillingness to accept that you’ve messed up.