Ban Appeal - MentalDecayed mime role permenant ban appeal?

Byond Account: MentalDecayed
Character Name(s): Cremora Lutenesca
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): MentalDecayed#6355
Round ID of Ban: Round 15870
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Banned from Roles: Mime permanently - Core 1- do your job Playing mutliple roles on high pop again (specifically medical mime after being warned about this specifically) after being warned to stop several times. Round 15870
State your appeal: I'm sorry that i helped out medbay as a mime. My whole plan that round was ruined by engineers that just turned the entire station into chernobyl. I really wanted to steal peoples shoes and then eat them. then get lipo each time i got fat. the last warning i got about any of this was over a year ago. i completely forgot about it until joyce just aMessaged me midround. I know how there isn't a hard rule about this but isn't permanently banning someone for doing a marginal thing completely arbitrary? Aren't notes supposed to be discounted after  3 months or something? My response to joyce in round was i was told it ok if it wasn't being done all the time but that was like... a year ago and my memory is hazy from back then. she banned me anyway so...yeah. also even though it was high population, half of medbay at the time of me helping them out suicided or went SSD and were just taking up space. initially like 15 people everyone was reduced to about 3 active doctors no chemists and two paramedics which soon degraded to one after everyone started dying of radiation sickness. i had to do something at least. anyway i'm sorry for forgetting a note or two i got over a year ago. i can't guarantee i wont forget things that happen years ago, but i can try. You guys know I dont help people because I'm malicious or anything...right?
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This user is now permabanned so Iā€™m going to close this.

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