Ban appeal michiru2 again

Byond Account: michiru2
Round ID of Ban: 15654
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:

You where banned for multi-keying since you have 3 accounts 2 of them have bans from here on fulp the accounts being, michiru2, chirumichiru, and michiru3 seems pretty clear youre just server hopping to grief. The last incident you where griefing the shuttle as a borg when ahelped about it disconnected this seems to be a pattern you grief and then the second youre talk to you DC.

Those people are literally not me. I don’t know who they are or why they chose those names. I know I’ve had this issue discussed on another server and if you want me to direct you to the admins there that discussed this then I’d be happy to do so.

If you want to discuss my behavior that seems to be griefy then let’s discuss it but don’t accuse me of multikeying with no evidence and then close my appeal without warning or giving me a chance to defend myself.

This already has been looked into by staff and denied. But if you want more details, sure I will comply.

So let’s start right on your first few minutes on the server when you tried to start drama by calling admins pedos and when we tried to talk with you, you flipped and started saying that you are not here to hurt people, that you are not evil and just want to play the game, playing the innocent victim card and calling the admins bad cops between other things.

Later you got in trouble for 2 things in game, metagrudge because you got arrested by sec (As a non antag so it shouldn’t be round removal) and ghosted just to hop in a posibrain and tried to break into the brig with a mech.

And for Plasmaflooding and sabotaging the SM when they had nothing to deal with your goals, breaking our antag rules, and when people complained about it in discord you tried to justify your rule breaking.

You also can’t claim that you didn’t know the rules. You got yourself in trouble in the past for ERP bait and another issue with murderbone, pretty clear that you simply didn’t read, or cared, about the server rules.

After admitting to breaking several of the server rules in discord and being called out by the players (Surprise surprise, the community won’t like you if you openly say you’re breaking the server rules.) You called the community hateful, said that you broke other server rules proudly, including multi keying and then ragequitted on the discord.

Only for an old account (chirumichiru) to rejoin the server after years of being inactive and randomly grief the station.

Now you can say that this is someone else with an account with the same naming scheme as yours, that they randomly decided to join in right after you left and randomly griefed the same way you did, someone that is trying to ruin your reputation or something, but I simply won’t buy it.

It’s pretty clear that you don’t care about the community’s rules and just want to play the game by your rules, more clear by the fact that you have an extensive list of bans and still keeps proudly breaking server rules.

Something something insanity quote.