Ban appeal michiru2

Byond Account: michiru2
Round ID of Ban: 15654
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): 

State your appeal:

yeah uh… I’m not evading? I can’t even evade, I have a sticky static IP that I can’t change without going through a lot of trouble to call my ISP and talk with reps.

You where banned for multi-keying since you have 3 accounts 2 of them have bans from here on fulp the accounts being, michiru2, chirumichiru, and michiru3 seems pretty clear youre just server hopping to grief. The last incident you where griefing the shuttle as a borg when ahelped about it disconnected this seems to be a pattern you grief and then the second youre talk to you DC.

TLDR: Denied

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