Ban Appeal: Mrboiman(again)

Byond Account: Mrboiman
Character Names: Afro Alan, Grape Fruit
Discord Name: Sauce Boss#6271
Round ID of Note9364
Note Message: ERP is banned take it somewhere else.
State your appeal:I have once again been banned for something I have not done. I have a screenshot of the full report to prove that I have banned incorrectly. I enjoy playing on this server, and do not wish to be banned. Screenshot (4)

Well if this guy is lying or not, an admin should check his chat log for round 9364

It’s quite odd that you got banned when i banned oballipt. Do you use a vpn or share a computer/connection with someone who plays fulp?

I don’t. For some reason, both of the bans only took place on my laptop and not my pc, but I still did not share either device with anyone. It’s peculiar.

I am pretty sure i fixed this so i’ll close it for now.