Ban Appeal - Mrjibbleson#9917

Byond Account: Mrjibbleson
Character Name(s): (Cannot recall the name of my character, and cannot check due to the ban)
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Mrjibbleson#9917
Round ID of Ban: 10049
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:
First of all I completely understand Tom F Harley’s judgement, it does look rather incriminating when I left before I could elaborate my side of the story, and my prior bans also promote against me, but this is not the complete story. This is why I have come onto the forums to say my side of the story, in pervious bans I have taken the punishments as they were fair and just, but in this circumstance I couldn’t.

In the following appeal I will refer to the two people involved in this altercation as Person 1 (this being the user that I unintentionally killed) , and Person 2 (this being the other user who chased me into shuttle bay).

I shall start from the begging, I started in mid round of the game, and arrived on the shuttle, accompanied by two other assistants, one of these assistants being Person 1. As we exit the shuttle I push Person 1 to the ground do a clap, laugh and spin animation, then begin to walk away. This seem to anger Person 1 as he grabs a toolbox and starts hitting me with it, I mange to get away but unaware of the vendetta this man would have for me.

Later on in the round, I walk into the small hydroponics room that is adjacent the escape corridor (not botany), where Person 1 and Person 2 were located, as I entered the room Person 1 began attacking me with a toolbox, I responded to the attacked with a screwdriver, evidently I subdued him, my intention was to take him to medical bay. This is when Person 2 pushed me over and took out a welder and began attacking me with to aforementioned welder, I got up and began to run down the escape corridor, Person 2 continued pursuit until we reached the escape bay. It was at this point my door knocked (I had othered a pizza), so I could not continue in the round and I left.

At no point did I kill anyone in the shuttlecraft, if there was an incident it was not me and there is a mistake in identity, the pervious statement is the only conflict that occurred in the duration I was connected. I hope you can understand the reason for my actions and consider this appeal as I really enjoy playing on your sever, thank you for your time.


Looking through the logs, it does appear that Person 1 did randomly start attacking you again after the initial confrontation, and that Person 2 killed you before you would have gotten the chance to take Person 1 to medbay. It looks like this ban was placed due to the disconnect (which is in line with server policy), but real life happens, and you came here to explain that it wasn’t intentional, which is exactly what the appeals are for.

Your appeal has been accepted, and you should be able to log back into the server now. Have fun!