Ban Appeal: Mulebot & the Big Goose

Hey, sorry for causing a problem. Was banned for 3 days so its not that big of a deal, but like fulpstation, and figure its worth trying to to get appealed.

I was brought back mid round as a sentient mulebot after dying. Befriended a Big Goose, who ended up getting killed by Sec, and in an effort to try and get him medical attention before the shuttle departed demanded doctors help him by running over a patient. The ban specifically mentions I was unapologetic, I’d just like to defend that by saying, I wasn’t apologetic because I honestly felt like there was a misunderstanding where he thought I was trying to be a murderous mulebot going around killing everyone. The communication between admin and I was 2 posts each for this specific situation. To my knowledge no one died who wasn’t already receiving medical care, soulless or specificly requested I kill them. The threat of “more people will die” was followed by me just leaving med bay because it was said in futility as I was leaving. I then got on the escape shuttle with the HoP and left.

With all due respect to zzzmike, I wasn’t apologetic, because I wasn’t trying to be an antag. Anything from it, I was deliberately trying to be friendly to an insane degree, but doctors kept ignoring the mulebot. I honestly cannot imagine what else a character in that situation can do. Only thing a sentient mulebot can do to get attention is to run a person over.

I could have communicated this better when we spoke, but again it was 4 messages, and then a ban.
I assumed there would be another message wherein you and I would continue to discuss the situation…
If the ban sticks so be it its 3 days, in any case, my apologies for the hassle regardless.

Post that’s deleted was a edit. New to the forum. Sorry. Just said the below.
“After rereading the ban appeal, I would like to add that I specifically did try to help the crew throughout my time as a mulebot. I made multiple deliveries for botany, and and visited robotics specifically to get legs so as to avoid running everyone over who lay down in front of me. I wasn’t trying to be a psychotic evil robot.”

Wanted to also add. If I’ve left anything out from the screenshot, let me know. I can add it. I don’t have discord.

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Yeah, killing people who are in medbay is still killing players as a non-antag.
Looks like this was placed correctly then. Denied.