Ban Appeal - Mynameajeff

  • Byond Account: Mynameajeff
  • Character Name(s): Joseph Seed
  • Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): VEGA#7059
  • Round ID of Ban: 9585
  • Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
  • State your appeal: First of all, I never gave myself additional access so that’s a downright lie, furthermore, I disablered the HoS and cuffed them for a minute and brought them to security, after over comms I announced that I was gonna “prank the catperson HoS”. I think that this ban is an example of clear bias because of past grievances rather than what actually happened that round. It by all means should have been handled ICly, as we are a roleplay server but it wasn’t, security dealt with it, I served my time and in the middle of doing my job I was banned with a fallacy for reasoning. I didn’t give myself any access that round, nor did I ever edit my ID. I served people and did my job as a head of personnel should.

I’m not keen about being lied about nor to. Show me logs where I gave myself “full security access” and access to “every head’s office”. This was totally made up to extend the ban time and slander my character. All I did that round was cuff the HoS for being a catperson, to which they failed to even retaliate, (which confirmed my suspicions of possible incompetency as people who play catperson tend to not perform well at the game). I then brought them to the brig where I was brigged for 5 minutes due to me assaulting them, as should be if there was absolutely no harm done and absolutely no violation of the rules. They never lost anything critical to the round rather than a minute or so of their time, (near the beginning so little-to-no harm can even be perceived by my actions. I suspect TTGNASA has grudges against me for repeatedly criticizing their actions, when it comes to “bus rounds” and otherwise, as so many staff do.

This is a mockery of any semblance of justice, it seems in my perception, now, that the rules exist as a reason to ban people you don’t like, otherwise your infractions are regularly ignored if you are liked. This oligarchy and impunity creates a sense of, “I’m playing (and adminning) for my enjoyment, not yours.” Not out of good will for the community, or a sense of leadership, they play to increase their own enjoyment by running things that are to the detriment of the perception of new players when it comes to their image of the game, I do not doubt that possible players have been driven away from our server because of the incessant “bus” rounds.

That is why I believe fulpstation’s staff, as a system is deeply flawed from what it once was. I do not think this ban just, nor do I believe any sort of arbitration could decree otherwise unless they had a clear bias towards the offending parties.

You are correct that you didn’t give yourself additional access. I apologize for my mistake which was due to me misreading the access of your ID here.

As you can see I got the numbers mixed on the which side is which when comparing it to this chart of which access goes to where.

Even though I made a mistake with one of the reasons of your ban the other issue is still present of attacking another head because of their species is against our rules. Core Rule 5 is

5). Discrimination towards in-game sub-species and silicons is acceptable in moderation, but attacking them or otherwise preventing them from playing the round is not. Additionally, terms that are based off of real-life slurs are not allowed.

Because you handcuffed them you prevented them from playing the game due to their species choice which is against our rules if you have read them. That is all I have to say on this and I hope your ban appeal goes well.

You have had very constant toxic behavior and were perma banned before there isnt going to be a third chance you’ve had very little growth and have kept getting notes and bans. Arresting someone for being a cat person isn’t valid in the slightest its very rich you say this

But just a little earlier said this


You can’t say this is role play this is ic i can grief people if they’re a race i don’t like. This is denied you can try again in a month but for now nothing is going to change.