Ban Appeal: Null0

Byond Account: Null0

Character Name(s): Rose Strider

Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Oracle!#7434

Round ID of Ban: 16405

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Rules Broken: RP EXpectations, core 3 - sexual content. dumb felinid roleplay where 1/3 of the say logs was “nya” or “meow”. Has a bad history of ERP behavior on other servers. Appeal if you can show you’ll be able to behave correctly here.

State your appeal: To start with I’d like to say that the ERP shit on /TG/ was disgusting, and i will never repeat it. I understand that it ruins the game for others, and is not welcome period. I will not do it again.

Further, ERP itself is outright forbidden on this server by rule 3, i will not do it.

Secondly i understand that the nyaspeak does not match the level of roleplay desired on this server, and is very annoying. I will not do it any longer, as i wish to cultivate a somewhat serious atmosphere of roleplay, and i see that its not welcome.

After i am unbanned i will not repeat either of these behaviors, and will play like a responsible, average user of the server, Thank you for going to the trouble of reading this and im sorry for my poor conduct.

I have unbanned you from the server, but the felinid ban stays in place for now. You are currently at 61 hours on fulpstation. Once you hit 80, you may appeal your felinid ban for that to be reconsidered. Please demonstrate that you can RP in a non-obnoxious way during this time.

Needless to say, any sort of sexual behavior or language will be treated very seriously and likely end in another permaban. Please refrain from doing so.