Ban appeal of BottleOfFur

Byond Account: BottleOfFur
Character Name(s): Electrasia Empyrea
Discord Name: MommaFuzzy#0001
Round ID of Ban: 22962

Ban Message Screenshot - 1060ccbc64f03a1b0b124374ad3c3907 - Gyazo
State your appeal:Banning admin told me to appeal it here, thought it was kosher to cross apply a ban over a personal dislike of me. Dunno about you, but that seems like a little bit of a stretch of 0.1 even if I was ‘terrible to interact with’. I was straightforward with the admin and mildly frustrated from both the goings on and the fact that I was being bwoinked over said goings on. Reprimanded and told to ahelp things like that in spite of the fact that I did and was told it was an IC issue, so I carried it out ICly. Then when saying that the situation that was in their words a remedy for the cult by clogging up medbay and slipping people trying to revive and deconvert crew. I called it obnoxious and got banned for it.

Don’t care