Ban appeal of Forcedrename

Byond Account: Forcedrename
Character Name(s): Tav
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Oeuf#7269
Round ID of Ban: 17883

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: I don’t think I would make this a formal complaint, but I definitely don’t think the admin handled the situation properly. To explain the situation:

  • I was firefighting as an atmos tec because someone was causing plasma fires all over the station which lead to the shuttle being called.
  • When I got back to atmos, I saw someone messing around with plasma canisters and asked what they were doing. They said nothing so I shoved them, asked again, then they started attacking me.
  • I was using a fire axe so I beheaded him. Admin asked why I did that, I told him it was because he was attacking me.
  • Admin said that was a nono and directed me to rules.
  • I read rules as round was ending.
  • Couldn’t join next round or continue conversation with admin because I was banned the next round.

What I did:

  • Escalated to beheading due to self defense and reason to believe someone was causing plasma fires.
  • Read the rules as directed to by admin
  • Got banned

What the admin did:

  • Ignored that I had reason to believe he was an antag
  • Helped make more more knowledgeable of the rules for the server
  • Banned me before I could respond/continue the conversation

What the rules say:

  • Over-escalation is, in short, doing more damage to someone than is required to resolve an issue
  • While using lethal force is allowed in some cases of self-defense, actions that jeopardize the lives of other players or could cause massive damage to the station (e.g. max caps) is considered over escalation, and you will be held accountable for deaths that occur due to negligent behavior.
  • Escalation resulting in murder is only acceptable within reason. If your life is in danger, you can always fight back lethally

The irony:

  • You could say what the admin did was an example of escalation. I was banned for my first offense, didn’t get the chance to apologize, and the rules say escalation resulting in murder is fine if your life is in danger, or has lasted throughout the round. My life was in danger and if he was causing plasma fires, he lit me on fire multiple times.

Basically the admin jumped to conclusions, banned me before I could actually understand what I did, and did a poor job of explaining the situation.

If you’re not security, killing someone because you think they’re an antag is valid hunting, which is against the rules. Additionally, unless you have authorization to execute someone as sec, you’re not allowed to permanently remove someone from the round (see round removal in the admin rulings page). The admin was following our guidelines on proper banning procedures. Trying to make some claim that “WELL ACTUALLY the ADMIN was the one who over-escalated!” just makes you look like an idiot.

This is denied. Sit out your ban and maybe read this so you know for next time: 7 Tips for writing a good ban appeal