Ban appeal of Smoof47

Byond Account: Smoof47
Character Name(s): The character at the time was a moth who I forget the name of
Discord Name: Smoof47#7333
Round ID of Ban: 22931
Ban Message:
State your appeal: My ban was obviously, as stated in the message, for valid hunting. Events are as follows:
I shift start as cargo tech, am pretty chill just doing my job and getting stuff done for the various people seeking cargo’s help. Then comes in Crux CF. They break in, steal Citrus and run off. Now, being a good natured cargonian I give chase and recover Citrus without bloodshed. I then begin to carry Citrus around in my hand, as I fear for their life as our beloved mascot. Crux CF visits several more times, but finally they corner me in and warehouse and ask me “Where is that moth?” I presume they are talking about me, unable to see me in the darkness of the warehouse so I run away to find security. Unable to find security, I run aimlessly, until an explosive charge that either was complete coincidence or was set off by Crux CF knocks me over and breaks my leg, causing me to drop Citrus and Crux CF to make off with the sloth. Now, I go back to my cargo duties but swear vengeance against Crux CF for my leg and the sloth. Later, I find a revolver I was later informed that was not appropriate for me to have. In the ban, it says I bought it. I did not, I found it by mere coincidence, I wasn’t looking for a weapon to kill with. I walk around the station a bit (not much was happening at cargo), then head back to cargo to go work. By some freak of nature, I meet Crux CF in the maints above cargo, next to a dead security officer of all things. I ask Crux CF “Why don’t we finish this, right here, right now?” To which they respond. “Sure” before charging me. Fearing for my life, I pull the revolver I had found, and fire off 6 shots. I miss most, but hit a few, Crux CF runs off and I give little chase. I run into a security officer later that I report the sighting of Crux CF to, who then enlists my help as a witness. Later, the security officer and I find them dead in medbay but not by my hand. Was this valid hunting? Perhaps, but I do not have a history of valid hunting and it was not my intention to hunt Crux CF to death, so I think the punishment was severe.


Normally i would keep the ban for somthing like this since you did antag prep by keeping the found weapon. But they did respond sure to you asking if they wanted to finish this. So it’s not like you jumped out at them and they did kind of ask for it by agreeing to it. I also see why the mod may have thought you bought the gun because you were buying contraband crates even i didn’t know it was just like drugs and posters shit like that. *I will unban this but it is not an inncorect ban so keep that in mind if somthing like this happens again in the future and youre banned for it thats on you.