Ban appeal or something Ludox#8510 CKEY: Ludox235

Byond Account: Ludox235
Character Name(s): Forgot
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Ludox#8510
Round ID of Ban: ????
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): "Access Denied"
State your appeal: So I tried logging in to check the server out (only times I've played was like a month or so ago) And all I see is "Access denied", a quick tour on google shows me that apparently that's what shows up if you're sticky banned??? But I don't remember ever being banned nor attempting to ban evade or something? Probably is the wrong place to ask but whatever I guess.

This is the correct place in the forums. If it’s regarding a ban, you’re in the right spot

I took a look just because that message doesn’t seem like a normal ban message. I can’t find you in any ban log I have access to. Hopefully a higher ranked staff member has more luck, otherwise all I can guess is that it’s a connection issue :frowning:

I’ll need a direct screenshot of the message or if you could connect to a round while I am online to investigate whichever message appears on the admin logs. As it is now, I can’t undo this ban, if there even is one, since I can’t even find the ban in the first place.

Closed after a week with no reply. Make a second ban appeal if you would like to try again.