Ban Appeal - OzAtlas

Byond Account: OzAtlas
Character Name(s): Dane McDonohugh
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):
Round ID of Ban: 14391
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):You have been banned by ShadowAKT from  Roles: Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician.

Reason: Core Rule 2: as a non-antag without dadg or hyjack engineer, maxed the SMES and caused deaths that resulted in husking. Was argumentative in ahelp, would have only been a note if they weren’t.

State your appeal:

I have never ever been told that SMES cannott be set just below max. Ive never even heard of something like that. And yes i was argumentative because i was accused of griefing and self antagging and i got annoyed at what such a little thing was gonna get me banned. Ive played on this server for over 250+ hours and getting harrassed for setting the SM up, teaching new engis while being an atmos tec peeved me off.

The SMES wherent upgraded so barely 500kw where going through the main lines, I was targeted by the mod for simply keeping the station running when there was no one else on and that people where being noobs and dying tiding to get places and hacking.

You’re right, this ban was inappropriate and I apologize for the mistake on it.

Setting the SMES to max power isn’t that big of an issue and will only husk people on rare circumstances, it’s not a reason to engineering ban someone over it and it’s done consistently, as long as it isn’t overcharging the powerline it isn’t an issue.


How you act on tickets is an issue, responding a simple question with direct hostility, you ocky ickying about admins bwoinking you IC and trying to get people to defend and justify your actions IC after being bwoinked is really, really dumb.

So I will remove the inappropriate engineering ban and apply the right one which is a server one, again, sorry for the moderator’s mistake there.